Week 37: December comes to Trujillo. December 1, 2014

Wow, cant believe its already December! Time is moving. But, its awesome! We love it here in December. Its warm and the work is moving right along. And! Some Christmas decorations are already up, which i love.

We had a pretty good week. It was hard ot teach this week. Most of the appointments we had fell through, every day, so we did a lot of walking and trying to figure out what we can do better. The Lord put in our path a bunch of people who need help coming back to church, so for the month of December, we will be working a lot with them, and were excited to see the Lords hand in this venture.
Weve got a baptism coming up this Saturday for a sister named Mayra. Her inlaws are all members, her husband isnt though, and were helping them all come back to church. Were really excited to see how Mayras example will help them all grow their faith in Christ and their desire to follow Him.
We had a really good district meeting talking about prayer and how powerful and amazing it is. I really have come closer to my father in heaven through prayer and i know that he listens to us, and really yearns to hear from us everyday. He will help us, He wants to help us, if we just open our moths and hearts ot him. Its amazing and i challenge you all to keep praying and looking to get closer to our Father in Heaven.
As district leader i get the opportunity to interview candidates ofr baptism. I had that opportunity on thursday, and i was really nervous. But, as i trusted through prayer and the preparation that i could do, the Lord really worked and spoke through me. I felt the spirit so strong and clearly, it was awesome, and i loved that it happened on Thursday cuz i had one more reason to be thankful! Also, Thursday night, the sister missionaries here with us planned an activity for the ward, we ate a lot, and watched the animated movie Free Birds about how a turkey goes back in time to save them from thanksgiving. It was hilarious! You all should try to watch it.
Anyway, were pumped for the week to come, and to be in December in which we can talk about Christ and his birth.
Love you all,
Elder Alex Gibson
Found these pics on the Mission blog from Sister Marler. It was a Multi-Zone conference in Trujillo on December 1.
MZ conf. dec. 2014 Alex MZ conference dec. 2014

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