Week 36: Good week. November 24, 2014

This week was great! My first district meeting as leader went well, we talked a lot about Chapter 10 in Preach My Gospel, specifically the How to Begin Teaching section, it was great! 

This week was a good one! We watched Lilo and Stitch last week for Pday, which we all enjoyed. Then on Tuesday we had some really great lessons. One for the first time with this guy named Jesus, he is really ready for this message, and he has a lot of love and faith, so were pumped to help him expand what he has. Then we visited a lot with some members who are less active as we call it. Who arent attending regularly, and most of em are awesome people. They just lack a little faith, which is hard because it comes form lots of reasons. But, the Lord loves his children and he loves us, so hes and ready to help us help them come back. Then we had a great lesson with the Sisters (Vista Alegre now has a companionship of sister missionaries. Sister Wayman from Utah and Sister Jeffery from Mountain Home Idaho) they came over and helped us teach the Law of Chastity to a young woman, Nora, and they helped us help her accept and make a date to be baptized in December, the 27th, so we are way pumped for that! Then on Thursday we had a great weekly planning session and an ok afternoon. But that night we met with the stake president and talked about how we can improve the ward councils of the wards we serve in. Here in Peru every missionary attends the ward council of the ward that theyre serving in, and we are trying to always keep improving as we listen to council of the area leaders, and the apostles and prophets. So that was a great meeting. Friday, everyone of our appointments fell through. We were able to teach in a bar in the morning a man, Jorge, who is very interested, but other than that, all of the appointments fell, so this week has been trying to see what the Lord would have us change, so that we can teach more and help more of his children come to him. Anyway, not enough time left to go through the rest of the week in detail, but we are loving it here in Vista Alegre! Learning a lot, as always, and trying to be the best we can, and not get to stressed nor too tired.
I love you all! Please, keep reading the Book Of Mormon as most of my strength comes form that, coupled with prayer, i know that it can help each and everyone of you! 
Elder Gibson
Pic from mission blog of multi-baptism. Elder Gibson is in the back row  turned to the left.
baptism in trujillo from mission blog

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