Week 34: Another Week. November 10, 2014

This week was great! The mission is starting a huge focus on getting back to the basics and really becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries, its awesome! I am learning a ton!

Anyway, last monday we, as a zone, went to check out the progress of the Peru Trujillo Temple. Im sending a couple pics of it. Isnt it amazing? Its so beautiful! I cant wait til its done next year!
Tuesday was a good day, we met as a zone with the stake president, he is an awesome guy, super powerful, and he inspired us to help improve the ward councils that we sit in every week, so were trying to do that! Wednesday was great as well! We had some elders from an area in the mountains, Huamachuco, come down and spend a few hours with us. Elder Anderson lost his wallet, with his temple recommend, credit card, and a bunch o cash in a taxi. We couldnt catch up to is as we ran for it. We went to the police station, no help. We called the guys number, for we had contacted him and gotten his info, but he left his phone with his wife at home, so no luck there, it was a crazy night. Thursday we had a wonderful zone training, learning a lot and receiving revelation for the area. Then we had a pretty good afternoon! Friday we had a great weekly planning, and a great afternoon as we tried to apply the tips and suggestions given in Preach MY gospel.
Friday we met this lady, a friend of a member, through pure inspiration received by our ward mission leader. He came proselyting with us, and after closed door and closed door, we asked him if he had anyone in mind we should visit, we went to a less active lady, and her friend was there and we were able to teach her, and she came to sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was so awesome!
Then on Saturday, we had to spend all morning looking for an apartment, sisters are coming to join us in Vista Alegre! Its gtonna be crazy, super different. But were excited, and so is the ward.
Sunday was awesome! we had 10 investigators show up to sacrament, which is awesome! And the primary did their program, its just as cute and funny and awesome as it is in the Goddard ward in Boise, i loved it!
Anyway, great week behind, and great week ahead!
Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon, its the best thing in the world!
Elder Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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