Week 33: Halloween, and can you believe November already? November 3, 2014

Well, Halloween was fun, there are actually quite a bit o kids who celebrate just like we do in the states, dressing up and trick or treating, its awesome! We of course, just did normal missiolnary stuff, but i have some snacks in the room, and dressed up a litle, ill send a pic.

This week was great! We learned a lot about the importance of planning and sticking to the lesson plan. Theres a training we receive where were supposed to keep our teaching specific to the people we teach, and i had fallen into the trap where wed just show up sometimes and only answer questions, and it eventually lead ot answer unimportant questions, about aliens and whatever else, but my comp helped me learn how important sticking the plan is when we teach, so we can help people convert to the Lord, instead of have two white youngsters answer some weird unimportant questions, it was great! Im learning a ton always. And i love it!
Thursday was the last day with our pensionista, so we have to kind of feed ourselves till we find a new one, and we been doing a pretty good job of it, its just hard. Especially cuz we cant eat prepared food anywhere except a pensionista, or approved restaurants(there arent any in our area) so, we have to eat cereal and yogurt and bread for breakfast, and then try to find some lunch. Weve eaten at a gas station a couple times, which has been nice, but kinda spendy here. Anyway, one thing cool is that here in Trujillo, you can eat pretty simply and cheap. Example, we pay the pensionista (lady from ward who cooks for us) 5 nuevo soles (peru currency) for lunch, 5 soles is less than 3 dollars. The picture im sending is of a bag of 20, yup 20, bread rolls we got for less than one dollar. We love it here in Peru!
We had stake conference this past weekend, and it was awesome! I learned a lot about how important discipline is. My companion and i had fallen into a little bit of a slump these last few days, a little difficulty and unmotivation, and I had an impression that it comes from lack of discipline. I had been waking up sluggish and slowly, not exercising, not studying like i should have, a bunch of little, yet very important things. The mission is all about learning and repenting. So after Stake Conference, were way pumped to better this week, and were already noticing a difference, and i new spirit. Man i love it here.
Ill be finishing the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish pretty soon, and i exhort you all to read and re-read, and re-re-read it. It is amazing and holds a power unlike any other book.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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