Week 31: Wet white pants. October 20, 2014

Haha, that phrase came from  my zone leader. But its true! We had a baptism this week! First off, i cant believe its already October 20, this month is flyin by.

Anyway, this week was awesome! Got a haircut finally. On Tuesday the zone got together cuz the missions number have tanked, and we had to figure out what we can do to get better, and weve decided we need to become Preach My Gospel missionaries, its time we got back to the basics, so were using PMG more then ever, my comp and i. Ive also got the goal to read it from cover to cover, so i can be super super familiar with it. Turns out, its amazing and has millions of great resources for us as missionaries, haha. Things that i wished i woulda noticed in my training, but its ok. Life is about reevaluating and getting better.
Then, we had a baptism this week! Valery, shes 10. Her mom is a member of 14 years, who graduated from seminary, but, has been inactive for years. Valerys dad and stepdad are not members. One day the mom decided to come back to church, then she asked us to help Valery get baptised, cuz on Valerys insistence, she wanted to be baptised and start the journey to return to our Father in Heaven. Valery is awesome, shes intelligent and loves going to church. We had a wonderful service on Saturday, after we had a pretty stressful time gettin the font ready, with doors that wouldnt open, and huge ol spiders. One of the biggest spiders i ever seen was floating around in the water of the font, so we stopped filling, and went to get it out, Elder Anderson went in first, and was jst about to get it, but it freaked him out cuz it wasnt dead, so he dropped it, as well as his missionary agenda(destroying it also). Eventually we fished it out. Eventually we were able to fill up the font, clean and organize the room, and everything worked out. I was able to baptise her, and Elder Anderson was able to confirm her on Sunday, in front of everyone, including our mission president, President Marler, so he was wicked nervous. But he did a great job!
The best thing about this weekend was that with Valery, her mom is coming to church, and shes getting her step dad a little more warm to the church. (funny note, her step dads name is Elder, weird huh?) Her mom even bore an amazing testimony at the service! But, even cooler. Valerys grandparents have been inactive for at least 3 years. We have had some awesome lessons with them, and the spirit has really testified of the love of our Father to them. So, surprise to us, they came with us to Valerys interview, which was great. They came to the service and provided the refreshment, which was awesome. Her grandma said the open prayer, it was an amazing service. Then, the grandparents came to church yesterday, for the first time in 3 years! All thanks to the example of a 10 year old. And, the grandpa, Geno, couldnt stop smiling all day at church, he loved being there, and was feeling something, i could tell! Man, it was amazing!
Great week, loved it all, loving the work, love my mission.
Everyone go read the Book Of Mormon, it is the most powerful tool to come unto Christ, i, and the book, and many others, promise.
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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