Week 30: Conference happened in Peru. October 13, 2014

Whoa, lots goin on this week.

One of the greatest things was that i felt the spirit of Elijah. As missionaries now they are really encouraging us to do the family history work and help others do it as well. SO i have, with the help of my amazing mother, been getting to know my greatgrandparents. I have had my heart turned to them as i have learned about and testified of them and the example they are to me. I testify to ll of you that as we get to know our ancestors, we grow to love them, and they grow to love us, and they are here with us, watching over us and protecting us. Please, get to know them, and do some family history and genealogy work!
Conference was amazing! One thing i loved was that the 70s are speaking in their native tongues, isnt that awesome! Im sure it was weird for everyone to finally be on the end of the translation, and here it in English. We got to watch em in English as well, but when on of the 70 spoke in Spanish, we switched and listened to him in his own language. What power! Im so grateful that i can here the prophet and others in their own tongue, but super grateful as well that when and if they speak more in Spanish, i can and will continue to understand in their own tongue. I love the Lord and all that he is and does for us!
One thing i also loved was how much they stressed that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God., I know he is, and i know that all of you can know that as well! He is an inspired man and helps us come to Christ.
I also loved how intensely they stressed the importance of forging our own secure testimony of all of this. The world hates that we know and love these things, but the Lord wants and is ready to help us come to this surety, so please, fear God more than the world.
I realized so many things i can do to get better. Be a better son, companion, missionary, representative of Christ, be a better everything. That is the point and purpose of life, the point of the Atonement, and all that we do.
Elder Gibson
Seven Month Selfie and the favorite beverage

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