Week 29: Ballroom Blitz, BDay, elections. October 6, 2014

Well, this week was great! My companion and i were singing Ballroom Blitz all through the week, it was awesome!

Monday for PDay went to the beach as a zone, didnt take any photos, buy my forehead got roasted. We also ate hamburgers, and they were really good!
Tuesday was Elder Andersons BDay! He turned 209! All my comps are and have been older than  me, haha, and gringos! It was fun, our pensionista made a really tasty chocolate fudge cake! Then a family of recent converts in the ward had another tasty cake as well! Photos of the fun to come! Then, we are teaching a man named Yerlandin, his wife and all of his inlaws are members, so were helping him learn more and hopefully come to christ. But after teaching the first ivsion, he brought up some questions, an then the story of Joseph Smith kind of turned into a joke for him, which kinda made me mad, as he snickered and laughed as we explained it, so were not sure how its gonna go with him tonight, but were trying, im trying to humble myself and hopefully have the spirit stronger so that we can help this man.
Wednesday we had a really powerful lesson with a less active family. We were reading scriptures in the BoM that talk about Christ, example one of my favorites, Alma 7:11-13. And we just testified of Him and His love, and the family really enjoyed it and were touched by it. It was awesome! We also had a good lesson with another youth whos older sister is a recent convert, and the youth is loving the stuff were teaching, and even defending the church at school, which is awesome! She is considering, praying and thinking about the 25th to be baptised. It went awesome! Were excited to see what she says.
Thursday we had a great zone and district meeting, and were helping a young girl prepare for baptism, her mom is member but her dad isnt, but the lessons are going really ell and she is enjoying them, and getting excited for the 18th! Then, we had a fun missionary night, where we did our english class intro, and testified of the first vision and restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Friday we had some really great lessons as well with some recent converts and less active members. And a couple with a baby that arent members but have lots of interest in the church and have lots of potential to progress and receive testimonies of the gospel. Were excited to visit them again tonight.
Saturday We just had a normal day, visiting and teaching, studying, it was great! Except that night we had to eat dinner in a different house, so it was kinda interesting and then no one wanted to talk to us that night. We had to walk around for a while after dinner, not knowing really what to do.. But it turned out fine!
Sunday, was the wierdest day! Here in Peru it was elections, for governors and mayors and all, so! We didnt have sacrament meeting,. When there are elections in peru, it is illegal to hold meetings all the way to 24 hours before. So, no one has watched conference yet here in Peru, unless they have a laptop and watched online. So, sorry to say i dont have anything to add to all the great conference things ive heard… Next week for sure! So we just had a normal day, as if it were Wednesday, here. No sacrament either, its weird. But, i am way pumped for conference this week! and to keep working and learning and growing and progressing.

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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