Week 28: Five weeks went fast in the city! September 29, 2014

Well, this week had been crazy! My companion is an awesome guy, and we arehaving a fun time. Every morning this week was full, with interviews, new missionary training, and more! But i have loved it so much! My testimony has grown tremendously! I have learned and received spiritual witnesses very specific and unique! I love you all! Haha, not a ton o time, but i describe a couple things of this week!

In the interviews, Sister Marler, presidents wife, talked a lot about how we need to begin to use Family History in our teaching and contacting, and ive tried it a few times, and it really is awesome! Its fun to show pictures and stories of my family. Everyone here loves to see gringos, especially my family which is pretty huge. I love Family History, and i love getting to know those valiant people who have gone before me!
We have 4 people right now preparing for baptism the coming month. We have had an amazing teaching week, as we try to be 100% obedient, and me especially, forget our own wills and desires and I must do what the Lord asks. Sometimes mission life is freaking hard, and sometimes we gotta walk all over the place, but there are so many joys. When we forget our needs, and teach to help these people, whom we love, come to Christ, oh man its amazing! This week we met this less active 17 year old, and hes a way cool guy. I actually met his best friend, Elder Trjuillo, when i was in Lima, so that was cool to find that out. Anyway the kid really wont admit it, but he wants to do what is right and enjoys church, so were working with him. There have been 2 youth coming to church for more than a month, but we havent had a chance to teach em until this week, theyre pumped and ready to be baptised in a few weeks, so were pumped to help them with that.
Anyway, i wish i could describe more how the work is going, with greater detail, but i cant, its hard and no time. I dont have any photos of us either, but next week for sure! I love you guys! Keep praying, keep reading, keep coming to Christ, for he is the way, the ,light, and our salvation!
I Love you all!
Elder Gibson
I love getting letters and candy and packages, so if you wanna try to send something to Peru, im the guy!

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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