Week 27: It’s the most intelligent thing to do, September 22, 2014

Well, this week was crazy!
Monday, my memory card for my camera was compromised. The computer last week gave it a virus, and i lost all 420 of my photos… Oh well, what can ya do? I was just super mad, haha. Then we had a lazy pday, and my comp had an interview with President Marler that night.
Tuesday. My companion, Elder Spencer got sent to an area called Salaverry, and i picked up Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson entered the mission field last fall, was in the field for one change, then had to get knee surgery. He was home for 9 months, and hes back now. So yeah, it was very crazy and surprising to get that call. But its gonna be a learning experience, and i am pumped to have him here.
Wednesday was amazing. Elder Uceda, the area president came and spoke to us all afternoon. It was number one, He is such an awesome guy. He got me way pumped, and a little burned, to be and work to be 100% obedient, and to change how io study and teach. I learned a ton from his talk, and it got me so pumped to be here on a mission learning, changing and growing.
Thursday and Friday, were all normal proselytizing days, not a ton of super spiritual nor intense things happened, i enjoyed the days, but not a whole lot to tell you guys, sorry.
Saturday, we got a surprise call saying we had to go somewhere called Florencie de Mora, and sing from 2-4pm. So we showed up and there were tons of elders from Trujillo, and sisters. We practiced singing a few songs, and enjoyed spending time with other missionaries. Then, we didnt get into any house that afternoon.
Sunday we had a good afternoon, and an amazing evening! We had a fire side for the east stake of Trujillo, the spirit was so strong and powerful, especially as we sang. I felt the Lords love for me, and for all of us!
Today i was reading a talk called be the Fourth Missionary, it is awesome and talks about how we can have the most powerful life changing mission. We have to give our will to the Lord. He has everything that is mine, except my will. The only way to be happy in life is to give my will to His, make my will His and He will take and mold me. It is the only intelligent thing to do in this life, especially in the mission field, so that is what i will be working on.
I love you all so much, and i am so thankful for your support! Maybe some photos next week. Read your scriptures!
Love, Elder Gibson
I forgot to add to my weekly update that we have two sister companionships that have baptisms for our area this Saturday, so, well see how this goes!

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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