Week 26: Can you believe it? September 15, 2014

I been out 6 months! That is fareaking crazy! I can barely believe it. It hasnt felt like 6 months. Im not sure ive learned enough in this, the first 4th of my mission. But, i am super pumped and glad that i have 18 months left. Theyre gonna be the best!

Well, this week has beeen great! We had a zone PDAy where we just played some games, it was fun! I got to wear a hat that i got from a member, its a really cool CAjamrca CArnival hat, haha, ill try to get a picture to you guys! THen Tuesday was a great day of proselytizing, as was Wednesday! We had a really powerful zone training on Wednesday. Got me refocused on my purpose, goals, and the kinds of strengths we have as full time servants of the Lord. I loved it! I have so many things to improve on, but with the Lord it is all possible, and im pumped to see where He can take me!

THursday, Elder Spencer got sick, ahah we haven’t had much luck with health these past weeks. I only got to proselyte Thursday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, cuz we had trouble finding people to do divisioins. But, we had some really cool lessons, and i learned a little about myself, and how i can be a better Elder and son of God. Since i  had to be the room a lot, i watched a lot of the Preach My Gospel DvDs, The District, and i learned a lot from those great examples of missionaries and teachers. I also read this amazing talk called The Fourth Missionary that talks about 4 different types of missionaries, disobedient and sent home, to disobedient and finishes his time, to finishes his time and does great good but profits nothing, to finally does great good and profits immensely. The difference is your heart. If a missionary gets his or her heart into the work, the Lord takes that missionary and creates a disciple of Christ. If we give up our will, we are more happy and we assimilate the attributes of Christ sop much more effectivley. So, i was reading that, and honestly i was not excited about calling other elders in the ward to help us proselyte, but i read that and changed my will to get closer to that of the Lords, and He made me so much more happy when i was able to go and proselyte and teach. It was awesome!
Another cool thing, we are teaching a really great family. The mom doesnt want to attend the chappel, but she is awesome. Respectful and open. We were able to powerfully testify of the love of the Savior, and how putting into practice the Gospel greatly greatly blesses the lives of Gods children and their families. I was also able to testify of the power in doing regular Family Home Evenings. I wanted to give so many thanks to my mother and my father for always stressing that importance. Those things, FHE and family scripture study helped me so much prepare to serve this mission, and it allowed the spirit to be home, and love to be there. Now i am excited to help families realize this, and put it in practice in their lives. Thanks mom and dad, i love you both so much!
Anyway, all i got this week!
Read the Book of Mormon, keep praying, send me letters if you ever have time. I love you all!
Elder Gibson
Well, guys im real frustrated i cant send you any photos. These computers in Trujillo are older and worse than in Huarmey, and if you see the two cities, youd have a hard time believing it, buts its true. Ive got  like 10 id love for you to see. Oh well, love you all!

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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