Week 24: The City! September 1, 2014

Well, im in my new Area, Vista Alegre, Central stake in Trujillo Peru. Its awesome!

Last Monday, my last day in Huarmey, i was able to be there all afternoon, and say goodbye to the lovely people there. I had a few people see me off at the bus terminal, and got some free snacks which lasted me until last night.
On Tuesday morning i got to Trujillo for my first ever changes. Met my companion, and him, his old companion, and i went to our area. My companion is Elder Spencer, from Riverton Utah, a really cool guy, very smart, and loves computers, and Bela Fleck. His old comp, elder Porter had been in Vista Alegre for 11.5 months! Loco. So we went and said goodbye to people, and then he went and met his greenie, for hes training and opening a new area.
Then, weve had an awesome week here! The people are awesome. THere is one family that we visit almost every day, the Aran Chavarry family. They are all recent converts of elder spencer and elder porter. They are a little crazy, but super happy people, and super pumped to be members of the church, to go to the temple, and for the parents to be sealed and go on a mission when they can! Theyre awesome. It has been a little interesting though, because the last elder had been there for so long, he got real lax about the rules, and wasnt as obedient as he shoulda been. So, its been interesting to come in and try to change the relationship we have with some people, so that we can be more obedient. But, the Lord will bless my comp and i as we have desires and try to be more obedient.
My comp has been helping a less active last and her husband with some financial stuff and temporal stuff. They are going through a real rough time, being evicted, and out of work. So on Saturday we went to a room that they were going to move into. But the room was covered in years of chicken and cat poop, and dust. So, we started sweeping, haha. We got the floor pretty well cleaned under two hours. (sorry guys dont have photos. Just imagine a mix between Dirty Jobs and Hoarders episodes..) But on Sunday, they lost the room.. So we were able to help them with some money, and the bishop helped with some food, and they have a new room and were visiting them tonight. The coolest part is that the husband used to drink every Saturday night, kinda heavily. And although his wife has asked numerous times to stop, he hasnt. But! AS we were heading back to the room last night we ran into him. He told us that he didnt drink last night, among all of the stress and downpour of things, he realized that drinking doesnt do nor help anything, and hes being a poor example for his children. So, he expressed how he learned that drinking is dumb, and there are other ways to deal with problems. Were going to begin reteaching the lessons tonight. Im so pumped to keep seeing these changes in him and his wife. They have so much potential to become a celestial family. More updates to come.
Anyway, here in Trujillo in Vista Alegre, we live right in front of a huge market, and so its kinda noisy. But the market closes up by 2pm every day. But its fun to see all of the fresh produce, and how the city life is. The area is much smaller than huarmey, and much, much, much less dusty, But, its awesome, i love it.
You all should read Jacob 4. I read it today, and it is wicked awesome!
Love you all, thank you for the love and support!
Elder Gibson
Only two photos this week,
Me in my new room,
Me and my comp.

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