Week 23: Here’s to 19 more! August 25, 2014

Well, yesterday was my 19th birthday, and i celebrated it in the best way.

Friday night we caught a bus heading north to Chimbote, we slept there the night in a zone leaders’ house, with 10 other elders, then that morning at 5:30 am we caught a bus to Trujillo where we met and listened to Elder Neil L Anderson! I got to shake his hand. We all took a photo with him in it and i felt the spirit he carries as a special witness of Christ, and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. But, i wa so excited/blown away/nervous when i shook his hand i barely got out a simple greeting, haha. But! It was awesome because i was really looking to feel the Saviors love. To get a little more taste of Charity to better be able to translate it to the people here. It was amazing! THen my comp and i went to his first area, and saw someone that he taught get married, and be wicked excited for baptism, it was a very special experience.
Then, yesterday, the 24th my bday, after church my pensionista made us more Cuy! (guinea pig, and delicious) and a huge, huge cake! Haha it was so awesome, they really helped me feel at home for my bday. It was awesome, and it doesnt end there. We then went out to proselyte, but got many surprises. stopped at one house where they filled us up with crackers and Inca Kola, then a sister gave be a bunch o biscocho and alfajores, then we went to the elders quorum presidents house, and this brother makes the best chocolate cake in the world! He made one just for me, and i had a huge slice and sheared the rest with everyone there. Then, because he has some form of cancer, he had to travel to Lima, so my comp had the privilege to give him a blessing, and that was amazing and powerful. Then! We stopped by the sisters penionsista and we got another cake! So much freaking cake and soda, it was awesome haha. I am so grateful for the people here, and the love we share.
In other news, transfer calls were made last night. My comp will be training here in Huarmey, and i am going to Central in Trujillo. From the furthest area from the mission home, to the closest haha. It is going to be crazy. Im a little sad to leave my birthplace as a missionary and the people and progress i have known here, but i know the Lord wants me in the city, and i am pumped to start out there and enjoy my time.
Thank you all for your love and support! Thanks for the birthday wishes, i wish you all the best week ever!
Elder Gibson
I didnt have my camera at all yesterday, so all the photos are on other peoples cameras, sadly. But we went to the beach again last monday, and i have a few photos.
1. Me on a big ol hill overlooking a field, and part of the ocean. You may think the fanny pack is just elder gibson being elder gibson, but! They are so popular here, ahha. all the guys use em, its awesome.
2. EL Bocedon! A really awesome, pretty beach, but i guess people have been dragged in by the current, so be careful..
my name written in bones, pretty cool, they’re human bones too.

me, a zoomed out version of the photo.
me and elder gruwell this morning, saying goodbye to a really cool kid, Johan and his sister. Johan was baptised the 16h, his sisters will be on the 6th of september.

crab at the beach, pretty cool.

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