Week 22: Big week, learning a ton. August 18, 2014

Well, i hear that Robin Williams died this week, how are we all handling that? Haha its funny to listen to the news about the states from some of the people we are teaching.

Anyway, this week has been awesome! I have been reading a talk from Richard G Scott from one of the conferences in 2007 about the suprenal gift of prayer, i think thats what it is in English (ive been reading it in Spanish) and i have learned a ton about prayer. My prayers are becoming more meaningful and i am regularly receiving witnesses about the power of prayer it is awesome!
We had a baptism on Saturday that went really well and really smooth. The font is back to working in the chapel which was a blessing as well as a surprise. On wednesdy we had our normal weekly meeting with some of the leaders, and the branch mission leader, and we had planned to go to the beach (for we thought the font was busted) so we asked for help with transportation, if we could get part of the budget, etc. and no one gave us anything, they basically said “figure it out Elders” super lame, but it allowed us to learn the power of sacrifice, and allowed us to be blessed with miracles. One of them was that the font filled up almost twice as fast as normal, which was awesome! Another was that our being willing to get up at 5 one morning, to go run to a beach that was an option for the baptism showed the Lord our faith, and he blessed us with teaching two people that day who will be prepared to be baptised in the coming month. One of them is Leydi, a 19 year old. We taught her once, and were impressed to invite her to baptism, and she accepted. She didnt make it to church yesterday, but the fact that we were able to get in and have such a powerful lesson with such a prepared person was a huge blessing, brought by prayer and sacrifice. We actually did not run to the beach that morning, but i think that the Lord blessed us for being willing to try almost anything the help one of His sons make covenants with Him.
One thing that i have been employing is that at parts of the day i will just have a conversation with the Lord. We tech everyday that prayer is literally a conversation with our father in heaven, and i decided to treat it like that. I open and end normally but i am also really open and really honest, allowing myself to express how i feel and the worries and excitements i have. It has helped a ton with the work, and i have been humbled by these experiences. I encourage and exhort you all to keep praying, more and more specifically and sincerely, you all deserve and have the right to talk with the most powerful being in the universe whom we call Father.
I love you all and am super pumped by and grateful for your support! Dont forget to send me a mental “Happy Birthday” on Sunday, the 24th, and have the best week ever!
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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