Week 21: I barely remember it. August 11, 2014

Its true, i barely remember all that happened this past week. It flew by! But i loved it!

We had a good relaxing PDay, making cookies and drinking Inca Kola and getting to know each other a little more. Tuesday we didnt travel, and we had a pretty good proselytizing day, and Enlgish Class. We also met and taught a new family of sisters, and they seem as though they can progress, except they didnt come to church, so well see how it goes with them this week. Wednesday was another good day. We had an investigator come out and proselyte with us. I have probably talked about him before, his name is Jaime. He has been listening to missionaries since March at least, and he is a really cool guy. He has had trouble getting married, therefore baptized as well, but we are working with that and getting closer! He came out with us, and no one talked to us, haha. No one wanted anything to do with us, doors shut, and people just walking away, haha. So we went back and had a pretty great lesson with him. Hes awesome, he reads a ton so he always has questions, i have learned a lot from our lessons with him. He just needs to get baptized, and we are getting closer, so thats awesome! Thursday we went to Casma, and my zone leader, Elder Rotolo came down as my companion stayed there. It was really cool. Elder Rotolo and i had a great day! The thing about him is that hes going home today. His two years are up! It was pretty crazy to be with him for one of his last days. He is an awesome elder and gave me tons of advice. Hes one of my best friends from the mish so far. He rocks, and hes gonna have a blast as he goes on with his life. I learned a lot from him in the time i got to know him, and he gave me a really awesome tie! (Picture to follow next week.)
Friday was another day of traveling, to and from Casma, but we had a cool lesson with Jaime again, and a really fun Noche Misional (activities we do every Friday night) we played Prophet Pictionary! It wa super fun. We also got a young man named Johan interviewed! Hell be baptized this Saturday, the 26th! In the beach again, cuz the baptismal font does not work in the chapel. Witch leads me to Saturday, we went and took a look at a new building that one day might be the new house chapel here. Its pretty awesome, but it was finished when my mom was born, (1972) so it needs some work. Then we had a pretty good day of proselytizing. And ended it by finally getting in touch with the less active Elders Quorum presidency counselor, we walked up on his wife and daughter leaving, talked with them for about 30 minutes, and made an appointment to come back on Sunday. Sunday was awesome! Church was great, and the lesson with this family went really well! We got in and got to know em, we talked for a while and he told us that the reason they’re less to inactive is cause when he was still a pretty new member, they called him to be Elders Quorum president, and he got 0 help form the other members, and members began to gossip and murmur, hurting a new members feelings, and driving him away ultimately. THis has happened quite a few times here in Huarmey and it saddens me to see that members of the Church, who profess to be Saints have such a hard time treating each other right, and forgiving each other. It makes me think about if I have ever done any of that, and in what ways i will be more forgiving and kind to other members. Learning a lot, and loving the mission!
Today we went to the beach again for PDay, it was really fun! I may be able to send pics, but we’ll see.
Love you all! Thank you so much for all of the support! Keep praying and reading the scriptures!
Elder Gibson
I forgot to send these two weeks ago.

We ate guinea pig! And it was freaking delicious! I cant wait to eat it again!
Some really cool sandals i bought made from tires!
the elders of Huarmey at the beach, with a few pelicans behind.
my tag and the scriptures!

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