Week 20: one more week gone, and fast. August 4, 2014

Wow, its already August. Can anyone belive how fast time is going? I cant!

Anyway we had a great week!
Last Monday for PDay we went to the beach! IT was awesome! We saw tons o crabs and star fish, and wicked cool birds. There were some pelicans that i loved watching as they fly inches abovbe the water. We aslo saw this really weird tithing, haha. In EL Puerto, Huarmey, there are like 15 really old, huge fishing boats, just sitting in a walled off area. Ive got some pics ill send, it was way cool! I wanted to go explore much more, but there were armed guards, so we didnt.
Then on Tuesday we went to Chimbote for my first multizone! It was a crazy experience, usually it takes about 2.5 hours to get there, so we left at 5 to wait for a bus, but we waited till 530 without a bus, so we jumped into a mini van and took off. It took only 1.5 hours, so we got to the meeting an hour early, haha good but crazy times here on the mish. Then we ha an awesome training about how our message is unique! We are the only true church on the earth, and we need to be talking and acting like it! We need to be letting people know that there is a prophet on the earth today who talks face to face with god the father and Jesus Christ. And that we can talk personally with them. It was awesome, and i felt a witness form the Spirit as we watched some sister missionaries give a practice lessons on the experience of Joseph Smith. Then, unexpectedly one of the area 70 showed up. He came in and helped us understand the importance of invitations and helping people commit to living the gospel and receiving answers. So yeah that was awesome! But, we didnt get back to Huarmey until 830 that night, and i was super stressed and frustrated in the bus station. But the important thing is that we are safe, and who knows, God is in the details of our lives, especially as missionaries so i should trust that we were meant to get back so late, its just hard to see His purposes sometimes.
We had a road bump this week though. A man named Victor told us that he is not comfortable, and he cannot believe what we were telling him. He has been dangerously dipping into antimormon literature, instead of trying to receive a personal answer from our Father in Heaven. So he pretty much said, thanks but please dont visit me for a while. That was lame, and i was super bummed, and i hope that we did our best to allow him to feel the spirit, an i hope that we planted a seed and maybe hell come back to it one day. I promise everyone who will reads this that the only way to get a straight, true answer about the Book of Mormon, and whether or not Joseph Smith is a prophet is to read and pray! But pray specifically. Ask in these words, or different but the same specific idea, “My Father in Heaven, Is The Book Of Mormon True?” You all will get an answer! It is a promise from a friend and a loved one. You need to trust in the spirit of God, as well as that if you get an answer you will follow it, if you do these simple specific things, you will be blessed with an answer and a witness. I Promise.
Anyway, lots more happened, including meeting a 5 year old kid who looks exactly like Alberto Quezada, but i dont have any more time to go into details.
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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