Week 19: (No title on this email) July 28, 2014

Whoo! This week i think was the fastest one ive had on the mission.

We are working hard here, and we are seeing little miracles. We got back in touch with two investigators that had disappeared and we’ve had some spiritually strong lessons with them. This week i have tried to slow down a little in lessons and ask inspired questions. Heaven Sent questions if you will. When missionaries do that, we tap into what the investigator really needs, wants, and feels. We use the spirit to convert “like the ancients did” as Elder Holland would say in regards to Ammon, Peter James and John, because we all want and need to teach as they did, and were slowly seeing how that might be realized. Ive also been thinking and learning how i might be able to get my heart into this work and ive learned that when i do that, when we give up ourselves, the Lord takes us, he molds us, makes us 1000000 times better than we could ever dream to be without him.
This week we also had a chance to bake again! We made some killer brownies and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with an inactive member. We had an activity on Saturday celebrating Perus Independence (which is today, the 28th of July). We had tons of typical peuvian foods, it was awesome. But yeah, Saturday we were baking almost all day with a man named Gean Marcos. He is one of the coolest members around, and he is the old branch president, but he doesnt come to church. Which is ok, were working on loving him back, and we see him back in the future. This guy though has sucha a strong testimony. and! He knows everything there is to know about baking. He used to be the head baker for a mining company that fed 1500 people 3 times a day, everyday. Hes awesome!
We had a really cool lesson, well two, with  young kid were trying to get back in the church. His name is Ernesto Jr. One night we went over to his house, and with his active dad and his less active sister, we read 3 Nefi 11. It was just so peaceful as we sat in a humble home, reading about when Christ visits the Americas. It was so powerful! I loved it! Then yesterday we visited him again with the newly called Young Mens president. (pictured below.)And we were talking about how Adam fell to help man have Joy (2 Nefi 2:25.) And we asked what brings Ernesto joy. And he said that the idea of a God that knows him and is watching out for him brings him joy! Ah what testimony, this kid is number one! Then Pedro (YM pres, pictured below) Said that having come to know the gospel and Book Of Mormon brings him joy. And i realized that being able to listen to these testimonies, and seeing these changes in people brings me joy. Seriously i am so happy to be seeing these things up close and personal in peoples lives!
Also, i am beginning to love Huarmey. The people especially. I have felt it a few times here, and i am feeling it more, and im going to be sad if i have to leave any time soon. But i am so thankful to be here, and to receive so much love from my family and friends! Love you all! Trust in the Lord, Come to Him, and you will be happy for eternity. Promise.
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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