Week 18: Beach day in Huarmey! July 21, 2014

This week has been utterly wild! It went so fast. My new companion, Elder Gruwell arrived on Tuesday. Meanwhile i spent PDay in Casma last week with the zone leaders and the other district leader. We watched Surfs Up in English, and then played some basketball. It was a blast! Then on Tuesday, Elder Gruwell and i and the two new sister missionaries crammed into a car and came to Huarmey! We helped the sisters get a round a little bit and get situated. Then on Wednesday it was back to work! And Elder Gruwell is such a blessing for me and for this area. He and i came into this transfer with the idea of tearing it up and working hard hour to hour! We have seen miracles this week. I dont have time to go into all of them, but i am learning at a rate never before experienced by me.

Baptism on Saturday. We went in the morning to fill the font. We got it going, but had to leave for a service project. We helped a family rearrange their kitchen and move a wall. Then went to lunch,  and then we went to the chapel. The font was filling up. But! The water was coffee brown… Super gross! We drained it, said a prayer asking for help w/ the font, or ideas to help make the baptism work, if it was our Father in Heavens will. We started filling the font with trash cans, filling those in a shower in the chapel, and a sink. We werent getting anywhere fast, and the water was still brown. So, we decided we would do a beach baptism. We went to the main level of our house chapel, to wait for the candidates to show up. The first, a boy we have been teaching for awhile, eventually let us know through a series of messengers that he wasnt going to show up. But, we still had a young woman that was planning on it, Jhesly. SO we waited about 45 minutes, and she finally arrived. But, she was super reluctant to be baptized alone, and at the beach, After some convincing, and some talking, eventually i was changed and so was she, into our white clothes. We piled and squished into a mini van to go to Tuquillo. A beach town 10 minutes outside Huarmey. We got there, and the day was getting colder, it was almost 6 oclock pm. THe water was cold, but awesome! Still Jhesly was reluctant. She was afraid of the cold and her stomach hurt. I felt prompted to make a promise. I promised her that if shed get in the water, the moment she came up from the baptism, her stomach would be calm. Eventually she conceded. We did it quick, and she scurried from the water. But! Her little brother had been in the water. We werent sure if that meant it was valid or not, so we decided to do it again. Jhesly was so ready to get back in! She was almost excited to get back in. SO, the baptism happened. She then said when we were back in the church that her stomach was calm! She was so happy. The Spirit of the Lord was with us so strong! I was praying so hard in the car to the beach that she would feel something, feel the spirit of this ordinance and of the Lord. The Lord came through . Sunday she came and received the Holy Ghost. And we went and talked with her mom, and her mom said that Jhesly hadnt felt the cold water the second time she got in. She felt the warmth. Oh man are we so grateful to the Lord for blessing us with miracles. For allowing us this opportunity to feel, see, and hear of these amazing experiences. This work is real, and the Lord loves His children.
Anyway, there are more stories and miracles from this week , but no time. Love you all! Keep reading the BOM and keep living the gospel! The Lord will be with you!
Elder Gibson
Heres a couple pics of my new companion. He is the coolest guy ever, and we are tearing it up in Huarmey!

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