Week 17: Last week of training, July 14, 2014

Well, another fast week here in Huarmey, Ancash, Peru! We spent a couple days looking for a room for the sisters who come tomorrow. On Thursday (i think, maybe it was Wednesday..) the Zone Leaders came down, and  we had 6 elders all throughout Huarmey looking for the perfect room for the Sisters. We found one before lunch, and then after lunch we went to furnish it. WE spent about 2.5 hours waiting in a furniture store of sorts for the guys to get the bunk bead ready, and the other things we bought. They had to cut new bed boards while we were waiting. The only thing that made it bearable was that the Cup was on the TV and we watched a little bit of the Argentina Holland game. But, now the sisters have a room! The only thing they need more are mattresses.

Anyway, we had a pretty good week! We’ve got people being prepared to be baptized this Saturday, so thats awesome! One of the most downside things this week is that the guy ive talked about, Victor, hasnt answered his door nor his phone for over a week.. We saw him go into his house one of these afternoons, but no one answered the door when we knocked.. Either he saw us and didnt want to answer the door, or he didnt see us, and they havent been answering the door for anyone. Either way its kind of a downer cuz if he continues he will be a great leader, and servant of the Lord here, as well as his two sons.. We’ll keep trying and hoping!
We had the first Mission Prep class here on Saturday, my comp Elder Pearce did a good job teaching, and i think well have some good classes in the coming weeks!
Today is transfers! The end of my 2nd transfer in the field, and the end of my official Training as an Elder, and! Im staying in Huarmey! My comp is going to the city in Trujillo as district leader, and one of his old comps, Elder Gruewell (something like that) is coming down here as district leader! So i get to show him around a little bit, which should be awesome!
I’d like to make a shout out to the Criddle Family from Mountain Home, Idaho! I got your hand written awesome letters this week! Thank you so much for your love and support! I will write you guys back when i can, and then send the letters a little after, haha.
Elder Gibson
I was curious to see how this package would look when he received it…here’s the before and after! I sent it on June 2 and he received it July 8. Not too bad for traveling from Boise to Peru!
photo (6)

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