Week 16: Things Move Fast, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Hope you all had some very fun and safe festivities!
Seriously this transfer ends this week, that means my training is over, and ill be a full blown full time missionary! Ill be normal,haha. It also means on Sunday we’ll get a call,and i could move to another area,or my comp could move, or like some elders my zone think, i could go straight to training, which would be crazy wild! Anything can happen,so well see. Were also supposed to be getting two sister missionaries here next week, which means 6 missionaries in one little branch here in Huarmey. Sounds like a lot, and it kind of is,except that Huarmey has so much potential here. There could easily be two wards here, but were having a tuff time getting the president to assign callings,which leaves positions and organizations empty, and week, and our retention falls. But! There is always hope,and we see a bright future here.
I got a wonderful care package from my mother,so if you see here in the next week tell her she is absolutely amazing!
One of the guys we are teaching, Victor, came with his sons to play futbol (soccer for all you gringos.) with us last monday, and they had a great time! Then on Tuesday we were able to have a pretty awesome lesson with him, bearing strong testimony, and helping him through some doubts! This guy really is awesome,and we pray he progresses. He didnt come to church yesterday, but he was traveling, so not entirely his fault. Any more updates coming your way about him!
If you guys remember, Margarita, the woman who has had some awesome dreams, well her son was baptized a few weeks a ago, but her daughter had had some trouble atschool. The kids ha been bullying her for being a mormon, and other things. So for a few visits, she was a little shy and ashamed and didnt talk to us. but! She came back, and is making friends in the branch, and will be baptized real soon! Her mom is not married. No one gets married in Peru. Its so weird, its a hard process, and so 80% of people arent married,which makes keeping the law of chastity,and  repenting fully before baptism a little hard. And when your boyfriend is not a very good guy, like Margartis its harder. But! Weve seen slight progress, she wants to be baptized, so one day shell make it happen. The bright side is she keeps all the other commandments, and was willing to fast this past weekend. She went to Lima though,so we dont know for sure if she was able to, but i think she did, cuz she is slowly being converted,just gotta make the marriage leap.
I’d like to make a shout out to Preston Rowe for getting his mission call to Nicaragua! Hes gonna kill it out there, and im pumped to hear more updates!
Anyway, i dont have a lot more to talk about. Except! You all should be rereading the Ensign (liahona here in Peru) Conference edition! Ive received so much strength and insight reviewing the wonderful talks from our prophets and apostles.
Love you all! Keep praying, keep working in your wards, and help the missionaries with things like references, and making friends with their investigators! The Lord and the Work need all of us working together as a team!
Elder Gibson
I forgot to  add that, its getting a little chilly down here, on Saturday we had to wear our jackets, not our suit coats, our windbreakers. I never thought itd happen, but down here by the ocean we get some pretty strong, sometimes chilly wind! Anyway, still love the work!

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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