Week 15: Another great week, a fast one June 30, 2014

We did a lot this week, and it went fast so i dont remember a ton, but heres a little peek.
On Friday we cooked pancakes for about 60 people for an activity. It was pretty awesome! We mixed all the batter together in what resembles a tiny babys bathtub, and made the syrup in our pension. Then when it came time to take it all to the church to get it cooking, we transferred the batter into a two gallon bucket. We then cooked for about an hour making sure we had enough cakes to feed everyone that showed up. We did, and it was a success, pics to follow. The other two elders here in Huarmey did a presentation where they focused on the differences and similarities of the Bible and the Book o f Mormon, and they made big ol costumes to go with it! Pics to follow.
On Sunday we had an attendnce of 94 which is 20 less than last week, but were getting close to numbers that will help Huarmey have an actual Chapel, so we feel good about it. We also had quite a few investigators show up for the first time! Including a man named Victor and his two sons. Victor is a cool guy, the second time we were at his house, after the last sunday(22), he explained to us that he committed to coming, but finally chose not to because he felt it wasnt for him, after talking with friends and others about the mormon church, and he expressed some doubts about our church, and god and the bible itself. He explained that lots of people from churches say theyre true, and that people are just supposed to follow it. He doesnt understand that, he wants proof, he wants to feel something. What a freebie! Haha, well we were able to explain about our message, and testify, and explain that there is proof. Personal proof. God will answer each of our personal honest prayers, in a personal and honest way. He then committed to come to church, and followed through! Were so pumped for him because if he keeps this up, he will find the truth, and he seems like a guy who when he commits, he commits and he changes. So! Were hoping to see him progress, and that we can get a little bit more priesthood here in Huarmey!
Anyway, thats all i really got. Read Jacob 1:19, its a great one!
Love you all! Keep living the Gospel, it is the most intelligent way to live in and receive the most beautiful joy!
Elder Gibson
This thing is really cool, its called Pacai, and the white stuff around the seeds is pretty tasty, its sweet, and kinda like cotton candy! Anyway thought you’d like a pic of me eating it, and some of the crazy foods ive enjoyed here!

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