Week 14: Great Huarmey-an Week! June 23, 2014

Yeah a lot happened this week and ive got a lot to tell you all, so ima do the old fashioned listing technique.

We played soccer on a turf field last monday, it was pretty fun!
I had an in-grown toe nail, so i had to do a little bit of surgery on my left big toe. Its doing much mich better now. doTerra oils helped a lot!
We helped to destroy and rebuild a house this week. A lot of the houses in our are are made of dried reeds and wood, so destroying and rebulding isnt very hard. But it was really fun! The family we helped are awesome, strong reactivated memebers of the church. And they have a guard goose. I’m serious the sister told me that as the reason to have the goose. I guess they yell really loud when unfamiliar people enter, like a guard dog. It was fun to see it run around. I took pictures, with another Elders camera, so i dont have em yet.. Next week!
It rained! But it wasnt realy rain. The rain doesnt fall,its as if the whole town is in a mist, or a light cloud, its interesting.
We had a baptism this week! I’ve talked a bit about Margarita, her son of 11 was baptised on saturday. It was a great service with a ton of her family there. She even cooked duck and rice for all the attendees! Shes awesome! But, her husband is kind of a lame-o. Weve only talked to him once, and it was this week, and the whole time Margarita seemed really uncomfortable, and he seemed a little oppresive. It bugged us, but idk what we can do yet.We’ll keep working little by little! And! With Margarita we made pancakes! Thats right, homestyle pancakes. No photos yet either, but trust me it happened, and they were delicous! We aremaking more on friday, so ill send pics of those ones!
President and Sister Marler were in Huarmey this weekend, well, Sunday. It was awesome to have them here to give powerfull talks, and to help our branch counsel understand how its supposed to be run in the work of salvation. It was awesome! Then my comp and i went out with Pres to meet with the old branch president, Jean  Marcos. This guy is inactive, but hes so awesome. Ive only talked to him twice, but each time i have felt the spirit eminating from him. He loves the work so much. Were not sure why he doesnt come, but he still wears his garments, and still loves to bear and talk about his testimony. Shortly hell be back! President left him a challenge to find another building where we can have sacrament, cuz we had 114 people attendance this week, and its hard to have that many people in the building we use now. Eventually Huarmey will have a chapel, but itll still take changes and work.
This week i learned a lot! I realized a little bit about myself as i was talking with my companion. Ive shared a lot with him about my love for music, and the lessons ive had. But i realized, and regret a little, i didnt put in as much as i should have to cultivate my talent. I had enough ability to coast through lessons, but i could have gone so much farther. The same thing happened in school, i could hav done sop much better. I think before my mission in the things that i did, school, work, music, i lacked putting my whole heart and passion into it. Which is lame! But something that i really need and want to learn out here. How to use my full potential and talent to get the most out of things, so thats one of my goals as an elder!
Also, i have found tons of sollace in the phrase, “’tis better far for us to strive, our useless cares from us to drive. Do this and joy, your hearts will swell, all is well, all is well.” From of course the Hymn, Come Come Ye Saints. Lots of times i have been over stressed or bugged by things that dont matter, ie “am i gonna like the same music when  i get back?” “what am i gonna do when i get back” and more questions about the future, and past, that have no relevance nor importance. Singing this song and phrase in my head has helped me relax, and put away those cares and focus on what were doing in Huarmey. I am growing such a love for the Hymns! and my mission!
Love you all! Thank you so much for the support! Keep praying, reading the scriptures, going to church, and helping your friends and family!
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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