Week 13; Lima y El Rancho, June 16, 2014

This week was great!

Monday, PDay, we relaxed and watched Kung Fu Panda! (No worries, we are allowed to watch 1 disney or pixar animation once a month.) I love that movie so much, very hilarious.
Tuesday! Another weekly trip to Casma, but this time, we went to Trjuillo after, and then i went to Lima! Yeah, i had to go to migrations to work on my gren card. So, we rode in a van to Chimbote, then in a bus to Trujillo. It takes 5 hours total from Huarmey to get to Trjullio. So we got there in the evening, then we were hangning out in the mission office for a little bit, that was fun,. Then, i got a plane with 3 other sisters, to fly to Lima. Then we were picked up in the airport and about 11:30, we ate Papa Johns in the airport, it was pretty delicious. Then we went to a hotel! I got to sleep in my own room, for only about 5 hours.
Wednesday i got up at 6, got ready, and had a tiny breakfast in the hotel. What was cool was that i saw a sister from my CCM (MTC) group! Shes serving in Huancayo. Then we were shuttled off to Migraciones (immigrations). Where we filled out a few forms, got a pic taken, and received our green cards! But it took hours.. And we lost our luggage for a little while as well cuz they switched transports on us. But we got to eat at Pizza Hut, and do a session in the temple, so of course it was all worth it! And, it was weird, in the Pizza Hut i heard smooth jazz versions of Jump! By Van Halen, and Dancing Queen, haha it was awesome. Then we got back on a plane, and back to the mission offices in Trujillo at about 10:00. Then we spent the night in Trujillo. The next day we spent half of it traveling back to Huarmey!
Thursday! The traveling wasnt to bad. I slept a ton in the buses. And we had some good proselyting time.
Friday! Pretty normal, taught a few lessons. But it is always really hard to travel during the week, andthen jump back into missionary work. At least for me. The Traveling just thwarts my focus immensely, and ruins my routine. But im back in the swing of things now, so no worries.
Saturday! We had a branch activity where we went to a place called El Rancho, its a ranch. We played lots of soccer, had a few investigators make it out, and a pretty good lunch. The frustrating thing is that one of our investigators is this really awesome lady, so willing to keep thye commandments, and attend chruch, the only problem is that she isnt married yet, and cant decide if she wants to be. But! The thing that sucks is that with her frequent attendance to activities and church on Sunday, no one in the branch has tried to make friends with her. During the hours at the ranch, she sat alone with her kids, not one member talked to her. That should never happen in the Lords kingdom, especially when someone is honestly trying to decide to join the church or not. Please, all of you at any activiy if you see someone you havent met yet, or arent sure of their membership status, please go and talk to them! It helps so much the conversion when people have friends in the church. It is so very vital. In Huarmey we are losing converts constantly becuase the members do not fellowship the converts. They stick with the people they are comfortable with, which hinders other peoples experiences and desires. So if you get the chance, at ward activities, forget your friends, and go make new ones!
Anyway, my week really was great, and i continue to learn! I do love being here, and im loving these experiences. Thank you all so much for your support and for your love!
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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