Week 12: Ecuador! June 9, 2014

Well, i actually didnt go to Ecuador, but my companion did. On Monday we had a relaxing P-Day, except that i lost twice in Chess. But it was fun anyway. Tuesday we didnt have our normal meeting in Casma due to transfers, but we had some good lessons. Wednesday we were in Casma, we met the two new sister missionaries in our zone, had a great zone training. I got a zone assignment to be in charge of the Fichas Bautismales, which is the form of the information of new baptized members, of which i don’ t know the name in English. Then Elder Rotolo, Zone Leader A said to my companion, “Elder Pearce, you’re going to Ecuador tomorrow until Saturday.”

So, on Thursday morning we went to Casma, where i stayed for the weekend, while Elder Pearce went to the boarder of Ecuador to leave and reenter the country, to get more legal time here. In Casma i leaned a lot about the Zone Leader responsibilities, and some different ways to teach, and love the people, it was awesome. I even ate a no-bake cookie! It was nothing compared to the ones i used to make at home, but it was pretty good. ç
In Casma we met a guy who was baptized when he was 10, and now about 2 years ago was baptized into an Evangelist church, and has a real hard time believing that as a 10 year old he made the choice to be baptized. and that there can only be one true church. He even started to say that the Bible was far far superior to the Book of Mormon. It was pretty hard for me not to react in anger of frustration. Luckily Elder Rotolo, the zone leader was there to help calm the situation, and he left, and we did shortly after. On  Saturday back in Huarmey we ran into the same thing with a family we’ve been teaching for awhile. You may remember the sister who has had some pretty awesome dreams, well her brother has been with us at a few lessons, but he never seems to want to agree with what we are saying, so its hard to teach with him there because he contends with our teachings. This night, on sat, was no different, except that my comp and i were able to bear some intense testimony, and yet this man can not accept that there is one true church. He and we all agreed that there are loads of good people in the world, trying to find the truth, but hes got an issue agreeing that there is only one true path with true authority from God. So, we did the only real thing that we as missionaries can do, invited him to pray. To truly ask God and we promised that he would receive an answer.
Its always tough when people wont accept what they’re feeling in a lesson, or what they’ve felt in the past, or that we as missionaries know what were talking about. (for example this last guy kept contesting our bible knowledge, but he then repeatedly admitted hes never read the Bible). Sometimes I’d really like to employ Satans plan, and force everyone to feel and choose the path of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but it can never be. One of the beauty’s of the gospel is Agency, its so delicious and i would never trade it.
I dont have a specific scripture this week, but you all should read the Book of Mormon every day, it is amazing and will help with everything in your lives!
From Hurmey, Peru.
Elder Gibson
First ever selfie of Elder Gibson
The two other missionaries, Elder Benitez from Paraguay and ELder Orihuela from Lima, respectively right to left.  And my home away from home!

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