Week 11: Dead cats and dessert night, June 2, 2014

Another great week in the city of Eternal Dust, Huarmey Peru!

Last monday we had a multi-zone P-Day where we traveled 2 hours away to a large city called Chimbote, and we played soccer in the stadium there. Our zone versus the Buenas Aires Chimbote zone. It was super fun! Then we went to a mall and ate lunch, i had Burger King, it was awesome!
The week continued with our normal drive to casma on Tuesday, which went well. We taught a contacted quite a bit this week, which is always way nice. We’ve been trying to work with more less actives, but the people here who don’t go to church, really have a hard time understanding the importance of it, or really just dont want to. That, or we as missionaries are really bad at gettig people animated to come to church. Some of the people have even been sealed in the temple, and yet they arent coming to church, and they’re failing other parts of the covenants they’ve made with the Lord. Sometimes its heart braking. They justify it with the fact that God loves and knows us, so really he knows i love him even though i dont do what i have promised to do. My thoughts always lack a little bit of compassion, but i always want to tell people like that, that they are failing God. They made covenants with the most powerful being in the universe, and yet they dont do their part. Its like what Elder Holland spoke about in April, people want comfortable Gods who love us, understand us, and will always save us. However that is not true. As His children, as members of His kingdom and as disciples of him, there are things we should be doing that we are not. Including sharing the joy and deliciousness that is the Atonement, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our branch leaders have needed some help feeling the desire to spread the gospel and help the missionary effort. But, were working with them, and our branch mission leader (who was a stake president in Lima) to train them, and things are looking up.
Now, the title of this email. On Saturday we were walking in an area called La Victoria, and we stumbled upon some vultures digging into some dead cats.. It was gnarly, they eat the eyes and everything. Sadly, didnt catch a picture..
Also, we had a big branch activity with tons of desserts on Friday night. It was awesome! Delicious, and tons of people showed up! We even had a few investigtors, which is always a happy thing! The missionaries even made chocolatet chip cookies! They’re not nearly as good as my mothers, but they were tasty. The weird thing is that Peruvians dont really know how to use sugar.. Our desserts are like 20times more tasty, more flavor full, and more sweet. But, there were some good ones that night.
Anyway, i’m still loving everything, and trying to learn and grow as much as possible. Read Jacob 5 21-23. And think about your personal life, and how the Lord is in everything we do, and he knows best, and is preparing everything.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
(I didn’t find these other two pics until a week after he sent them! RA)

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