Week 10: A Dark Huarmey, May 26, 2014

Well another great week gone, and with success. Last  Monday we visited the Castle of Huarmey, a castle that dates back to 600-900 ad. It was very interesting. We also found hundreds of human bones, including an almost complete skull. It was pretty awesome. I also got a haircut, and it looks kind of like a flat top, haha. Anyway, on Tuesday we were back in Casma, like normal, and then i stated for an exchange with Elder Endicott, one of the zone leaders. It was a great experience, i learned a lot! Then the week continued, we taught some awesome lessons. We also ran into a guy from Switzerland. He explained to us that in the 80’s and 90’s he was a programmer, earning 70$ an hour, eventually he had so much money, he didnt know what to do with it, so he traveled, and it looks like hes been doing that ever since. He told us that he doesnt have family, and has been selling vegetables, and fruits for a while in Peru. Its just interesting the way some people can be completely content in life, without family, so far from a home country, and with no real belief in God. We were going to talk more, but we had to jet. And we haven’t seen him since. Maybe he’ll return one day and remember the two americans he met in Huarmey, and seek out the Elders in his home land. 

We started teaching a family a couple of weeks ago, and it started with a mom and her son, but now almost every time we go over there we teach the mom, her two brothers, her sister, her children, and her aunt and grandma. Her children want to be baptized, as does one of her brothers and her sister. We’ve had some pretty powerful lessons testifying about the BoM and how much we love this gospel. The mom is awesome, super friendly, super open, and super trusting. She also may be a seer. She’s explained a couple dreams and experiences she’s had. One of them was that she dreamed she was walking with us, the elders, and her children in a field to a big stone house. We in the dream explained to her that she once lived in this house, but for right now she cant enter. She also told us that one day she was reading the BoM and fell asleep. She was worried ‘cuz she owed the bank 100 soles. In her sleep a woman came to her, told her to get up and ask her neighbor for the money, and if she did that she’d be able to pay the bank. So, she woke up, wrestled with the idea, and decided to do so. She asked her neighbor, and was able to pay the bank. One day she had some pretty bad infection or health thingy, she was at a doctor in Chimbote, and fell asleep. During her sleep she saw a doctor and another woman come in, the doctor touched her infected area, she woke up and was healed shortly there after. Now, these aren’t all the details of these experiences, cuz i dont have time and didnt understand 100% of them, but they’ve allowed her to really trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in the things we share with her. Elder Pearce and i are eternally grateful for her and her family, and the things they share with us.
We had interviews with the President and Sister Marler on Saturday. Sister Marler shared the talk by Packer, about testimonies. She explained to me that i should not be afraid to share my testimony ever, because when we share our testimony it grows, and only when we testify can the spirit testify and transfers those feelings to the investigators. It really touched me, and i have been trying since to testify more, and have noticed a difference in power when we teach. President Marler shared the importance of letting people know that our message is different. No other church on the earth has the same message, authority, and conviction that we do. So we’ve also been employing this and noticing an increase in power and authority. I’m loving all the things i’m learning and the ways i’m growing.
A Dark Huarmey refers to last night. There was no power in the entire town. The streetlights didn’t work, nothing worked. So, we had to eat by candle light in our pension, and then we had to walk home in pitch black, except the little lights on the phones we have, and then we had to change in the dark. idk it was just interesting that there wasn’t any power anywhere. The other elders in the apartment, built a torch out of some cardboard, and some matches, it was pretty awesome, but didnt last long, haha, so we went to bed early.
Anyway, life is awesome down here. The Lord is so amazingly good to me and to everyone. He loves us with a love so powerful, and incomprehensible. I love him back, and I’m sure many of you do as well. Please remember that He asks us to feed his sheep when we love him. Share your testimonies, share your love for Him! You can even share my love to everyone!
A great scripture i liked this week is 3 Nephi 14: 9-11. Our Father is perfect!
Love you all, trust in the Lord!
Elder Gibson

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