Week 9: Sometimes, it takes a little arguing. May 19, 2014

Well, this week was long, fast, and very interesting.

It started out last Monday night, after dinner we were walking to an appointment and ran into two guys from Ogden Utah. They are driving to Chile. Their car still had the Utah license plate. They had been driving for 5 weeks. The main guy said he’s got his wife and family there, and hes been thinking about moving down for about a year. He said when President Monson said something like, If you’re where you shouldn’t be; get out.” OR “if you’re not where you should be; get out” It was either one of those phrases, same meaning so yeah. The guy said that after that, things have just fallen into place, and little miracles have happened in order to get him down there. I don’t have a picture to prove it, so take my word. It was hilarious, and kind of refreshing haha.
Then on Tuesday, we didn’t have water, so i couldn’t shower. That day we got a call that we needed to be in Trujillo (5 hours away) Wednesday morning. So, Tuesday night, we caught a bus to Chimbote, (halfway to Trujillo) and slept on sheetless matresses in the Zone Leaders’ apartment. Then at 5 we had to get up. No time to shower, so two days w/out a shower. We then get on a bus, and go to Trujillo for a training for the new elders/sisters. This was also the first time i met the wife of my mission president. Unshowered, and a little unshaven. But the training went well, and i learned a lot. The thing that sucks, is bus rides for hours in Peru. They play movies sometimes, and so we saw two really old, really crappy Kung Fu movies called Shootfighter and Shootfighter 2. Its a tough situation, cuz we’re not allowed to watch movies, but on these buses we really cant get away. So yeah i dont really like traveling to Trujillo. Hot, long, and noisy bus rides for hours.
Then on Saturday, we baptized 5 converts, and 1 other whose registry was lost/incorrect. So yeah Huarmey had 6 baptisms this week. It was awesome. A real powerful service and great people were baptized. One of the girls that was baptized is an 18 year old sister, and she wants to serve as a missionary one day, so on Sunday here and another member came proselyting with us, and helped us teach, it was awesome!
Last night, we had a branch counsel, like every week. But this week was different. For about an hour before, we as Elders (there are 4 of us) were talking with the branch president about the changes that need to happen in the counsels. I’m not sure if everyone has heard, because i hadn’t until i got here, last year the General authorities and tons of other leaders of the church, got together to change the work. Its now called the Work of Salvation, and involves much much more collaboration with the Wards and the full time missionaries. So, we’ve been trained in new ways to handle counsels, and we’ve been trying to help the president understand these changes, but he hasn’t listened a lot. So, we were kind of in a grudge mach last night, arguing a little, trying to help him understand we’re here to help. And although we don’t know everything, we know enough to help train and improve the ward. After awhile we stopped and started branch counsel. To our surprise the President allowed my comp Elder Pearce some time to explain how things should run in the Work of Salvation, and we changed things and made new plans to follow how we as missionary’s have been trained.
All in all, good week. Learning a lot and loving it! Its true, sometimes it takes a little arguing, a little drastic changing. The Lord is so good! I hope you all are trusting in Him, by praying and reading. And please, help the Elders and Sisters in your ward/stake. We all need each other in the Kingdom of God.
Thanks guys, love you all!
Elder Gibson
p.s. We also met an amazing family and woman this week. Sh’es pretty much a seer. She’s had some killer dreams relating to us and what we’ve been teaching. Her children have baptismal dates, and tons of faith. More details on her and her family to follow!



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