Week 8: The Field is White in the land of Eternal Dust, May 12, 2014

Well, another great week here in Huarmey! 

P-Day was great as always. We did a lot of napping. This Tuesday we didn`t make the normal trip to Casma, because the Zone meeting was on Friday. We taught a lot this week and found some new ones. We met this real old guy who has been a member since 05. He`s inactive and living with not his wife, and he says hes to blind to make it to church. But! He has such a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, and the power of the Priesthood and Gift of the Holy Ghost.
Friday in Casma was good, its always fun to drive down there. In the cars this week we heard Bily Gean by Micheal Jackson, Roxanne by The Police, and Two of Hearts (on the HotRod soundtrack, don`t recall the artist.) Its always fun to hear songs i recognize. But it gets hard as well because i miss all of my music. Oh well, the work goes on.
Saturday was interesting. We had baptismal interviews planned for 11am, and we were in a lesson (a really spiritually strong lesson, it was freaking aswesome with this kid who had been taught a year ago but, as he admitted, didnt comit nor pray enough. So we started teaching him again and feel hes now more prepared to make these commitments.) durning the lesson, we get a call from theinterviewees saying they weren`t gonna make it, they didnt want to come. So we closed the lesson, booked it over there, and convinced them to come! They did, and the 11year old boy who had an interview busted some missionary work of his own and invited a friend. We`d met and taught this friend a little before in their home (the interviewees home.) David, (the friend) told us his parents want to meet us. So that night we went and met them. It seemed like they hadn`t really said that, more like David just wanted us to meet his parents, so that we can teach them. Its just awesome to see 11 year olds getting pumped about spreading our words! We also had another baptism service this Saturday. A teenage girl whose two best friends are members was baptized. It was a great service. This Saturday, as a district, we have 5 baptisms. It is going to be awesome. We’re excited and preparing the services.
I`d like to share some scriptures:
Alma 17:5, 26:27 & 30.
These are awesome. They describe the difficulties of the missions of Ammon, ALma and his bretheren. In 26:27 they`re about to go home. Its just a strength to understnad that even the greatest missionaries have way tough times, and that the promises of the Lord for them, are still promises for us.
I love Peru, i love Huarmey, i love the Lord, and i love my family.
Please all, trust in the Lord!
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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