Week 7: Huarmey, Peru May 5, 2014

(He left the CCM on April 29 so we didn’t hear from him that week)

Huarmey Peru is crazy, and awesome. In our apartment there are 4 elders. One is from Lima, Paraguay, Provo and Boise. The two Latinos have one half of Huarmey and we have the other. Our half contains lotas of super poor areas. Each house has electricity, like TV and sometimes a computer, but they dont have plumbing, or real walls. Each floor is dirt/cement. The people here are pretty rerceptive to the idea of God and Jesus Christ, but sometimes they’re reluctant to listen to Gringos. There are dogs everywhere. Literally, reatty dirty, stinky dogs on each street. They eat trash and bark a lot. Sometimes i think i see a new breed of dog, but they’re all just mutts. The showers are freezing everyday, and to flush the toilet we have to poor water in and hope it all goes down. The chapel is a ¨casa capilla¨ its just one of the bigger houses turned into capilla. Sometimes we have to fill the font with buckets. Its a tiny font on the roof of the chapel, but it works. The two baptisms we have had in Huarmey 2 (my are) have been tqwo teenage girls, whom i dont know much about. They had their baptism dates set, and almost all of the lessons when i arrived in Huarmey. But, we’re working with a few more people for this month. One is a man named Jaime. Jaime reads the scriptures all the time, and always has questions. He doesnt have a job, and he cant get baptized until hes married, so were working with that. But we have seen the gospel affect his life, and he assures us that he will be baptized soon. Our apartment doesnt have AC. AC doesnt exist in Huarmey, because all of the houses are brick/cement, or reeds and bankets. So our apartment is hot, but i like the hot so theres not a whole lot to complain about.

One of my Zone leaders is ELder Endicott, whom my Gibson grandparents will know well. He’s a cool guy. Every Tuesday we drive 1 hour away to a city called Casma for a zone/district meeting. Its fun to drive there ‘cuz we bum a ride from someone, and theres really no speed limit, haha. Oh and the gas stations are just houses built of old corn stocks.. I was so surprised when we pulled over the first time to a shack, and they had enough fuel to fill the car we were in. Haha it was awesome.

Well, i think ive got most of life in Huarmey so far.. More adventures to follow!

Elder Gibson

Lots of pics with this email!



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