Week 5: Latino Elder Gibson April 16, 2014

So i switched to a Latino District now. My companion is ELder Cisternas from Chile, and there are 12 people in the district. I am understanding about 85% of everything, and able to respond 70% of the time. Its pretty awesome! Sometimes is kinda hard, and i miss the Gringos, but most of the time i really enjoy it!
Since the switch, i have had two very strong and uplifiting personal revelations. I wont get into details ´cuz i dont wanna cry in the computer lab, and i dont have tons o time, but! I know that the Lord lives, and that He watches out for me. He knows my thoughts, feelings, and desires. He is there to help me, and to bring me through anything this world can throw. I love him, and so far i love being a Peruvian!
I’ve been told by a few different elders, that when i get to Trujillo, ima get fat, haha. Apparantly the food is killer, and they give us tons and tons of it. I´m pumped either way!
Elder Gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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