Week 2: Update 2 – March 25, 2014

Buenas Tardes!

Week 2 has been great here in Lima! The language is coming along nicely, the people are awesome, and i am learning a ton. The biggest events have been as follows:

My 1st companion left on Friday for home. I don’t and didn’t know all the details, but it sucked to see him leave. The good news is that there is a strong chance he’ll be back out in a few months, so we wish him the best of luck! Our district is now a distric of 2 tri-panionships. 3 elders, 3 hermanas. So that adjustment has been weird, but good and we´re still cruising.

On Saturday we went into the Lima North Mission to do some real life proselyting! I went with an elder from Ecuador, Elder Murillo. He is a stud. He teaches very well. I was able to lead one of the lessons by sharing a favorite scripture of mine, and i got the opportunity to bear my testimony a few times. We only were in Less Actives, but it was still awesome to see what the feild looks like, and get some real experience.

Today we went again to the Lima temple, its always an awesome experience! We also got to walk around the town and shop a little bit. Its way fun to be here. The people are kind, maybe ‘cuz we’re all white and unassuming, but its still fun.

Today is also Winston Van Gibson’s 3rd Birthday. I’ve told evreyone in my district and a few of the other missionaries here, trying to make it a big a deal as possible! I’d love to see him and celebrate, but no worries, there will be many birthdays to come, and many more that he’ll remember.

If there was one peice of inbsight that i would like to share, its that everyone should watch Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s testimony of the Book Of Mormon. Its amazing.

Trust in the Lord! He knows you and loves you!

Elder Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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