Week 1: I love Lima, Peru – March 18, 2014

Wow, first week  here, lots happened. Traveling all day last Wednesday, 3 flights, and arriving in Peru at 1:30 am. I was glad to meet two other missionaries, Elder Paramore from Burns Oregon, and Hermana (Sister) for those who dont know any spanish) Wilkins from a tiny town in Utah, i was glad to have met them, because they made the first time in Paru a little less whelming. The CCM is, intense. My companion, Elder Foote from Reno Nevada, always describes it as a prison,  but its much better, haha. The food is delicious, the Latinos are hilarious, and nice, and always willing to help us learn Spanish. The North Americans (and a couple Aussies) are great people as well.
Elder Foote is hilarious. He’s always willing to embarrass himself trying to speak Spanish, and truly he’s getting better. The Latinos love him because he tries, and doesn’t get mad, or anything when her messes up.
Its true, i love Lima, Peru. The traffic is awesome. Way less organized than the States, but i haven’t seen one wreck yet, which trust me is surprising. One of the biggest things i was hoping for in my mission is that it would be nothing like the States, or anything i’ve ever experienced, and Lima is exactly that. Its hot, humid, and way freaking beautiful. Each time we get outside the walls, (On Monday we went to Migration, and today is our P-Day so we went to the temple and shopping) I can not get enough of the city. I love looking at everything, watching the traffic and the people. Its mesmorizing.
Yesterday we went through Migration, which is just the DMV without air conditioning and television, haha. But it no so far everyone is allowed to stay.
Today we went to the Lima Peru temple. Its tiny, but still so amazing, and its as much the house of the Lord as it is in Boise or in Salt Lake. I love it. We also got to go to Lima’s version of an Albertson’s called Tottus, and i got some snacks. Next week we get to go to some local markets, and im pumped to get some soccer jerseys, and other things.
My Spanish is coming back to me, and so far the classes, teaching, and talking with the Latinos is all very easy, and im pretty good at it. But in real life Lioma, i still need a lot of work. Every other Saturday we get to go out and Proselyte. We take a bus to the Lima North mission and we get to go talk to people. I haven’t done it yet, our first time is this coming Saturday. But i’m way exctied, and i’m sure itll be humbling.
I was called to be Distric Leader for the first 3 weeks, and its going well. I have an awesome district. 2 elder companionships, and one sister companionship of 3 sisters. They’re all really cool people and really willing to learn and teach. I’m learning so much on a daily basis. Its still hard to wrap my head around the whole 2 years thing, but i’m pumped to be in the field.
Its true, the food is delicious, but everyone gets some stomach problems at one point or another. I think it comes with not living in Peru, but its not to bad, and it usually passes pretty quickly.
Anyway, I wish i had some wise, missionary style insight for everyone this week, but really, its just been a lot, and i’m still trying to learn the ropes. All i got is: We did some BOM studying yesterday, and we just started in 1Nefi, and i really like when Nefi is describing Lehi’s vision about the destruction of Jerusalem. My teacher had a great insight that it proves that revelation is limitless. Revelation can be so many different things, and when we pay with all of our heart, on behalf of our people, ffamily, friends, etc. as Lehi did, then we receive answers that will fill our hearts and be truly what we need. (1nefi 1:6, maybe. its either 5or6. Didnt bring my scriprutes into the computer lab withe me.)
This is my dstrict, 109 of the Manit branch. Elder Foote, Elder Gibson, Hermana Addington, Hermana Hafen, Hermana Wilkins, Elder Livingston, Elder Paramore.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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