Pre-Mission activities


Alex received his mission call on November 14, 2013.

He did not leave for the Lima Peru MTC until March 12, 2014. During that 4 months he worked full-time at Page One Power. He worked at Page One for almost a year and in that time was able to pay for the expenses to prepare to leave and still have over $6000 in his bank account!

We had our last family picture with everyone there for a few years on March 4 by Uncle Jon.

We had a “pies and ties” and he performed a fun guitar concert on March 8, 2014. It was held at the Ball Manor Orangerie and we didn’t have hardly any pies show up! It was mostly young people who did not bring a pie to share. Grandpa Ball and Jeff Wilcox went to buy more pies and came back with frozen ones!!

Alex gave his farewell talk on March 9, 2014. There was a lot of family and friends in attendance and Elder Gibson gave a wonderful talk. He was set apart that evening and we had a “junk food” dinner with Grandpa and Nana Gibson.

He had to arrive at the airport to fly to Lima at 5:45 am on March 12. He said good-bye to Winston the night before and the other brothers woke up early to say good-bye. Then his parents took him to the airport. Mom cried her eyes out and watched him until she could no longer see him.

God speed Elder Gibson until we meet again!



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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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