He’s Home!

Elder Gibson completed an honorable mission and left Trujillo Peru on Monday, February 8, 2016. He flew to Lima where he had a very long 7.5 hour layover! He then flew to LA, then Phoenix and finally to Salt Lake City where his parents, Ethan, Winston and both sets of grandparents were there to greet him. His Uncle Steve and cousins Haley, Emily and Andy also came to the airport. His flight was slightly delayed and he arrived tired and happy.

IMG_5724 IMG_5706IMG_5700 IMG_5721 IMG_5715 IMG_5720 IMG_5714 IMG_5712 IMG_5708 IMG_5707

We then spent the night in Provo at the Gibson’s so that he could see Justin in the MTC the next morning at 9 a.m.


He had a great visit with his younger brother, a brand new missionary and was able to grab a photo.

We then toured the  Provo City Center Temple, which was having an open house in anticipation of it’s dedication later in the year.

IMG_5728 IMG_5729

We all then got on the road toward Boise. Alex finally arrived HOME on February 10, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.


Alex reported his mission to the Boise North Stake High Council at 8 a.m. on February 21, 2016. He then gave his final address on his mission to the Goddard ward at 9 a.m. His dad, Ethan, uncles, grandpas, and older male cousins sang, Ye Elders Of Israel as the music number. Alex gave a wonderful talk on how to be sure we keep our faith and protect ourselves against evil with the RPG, read, pray and go to church. It was wonderful.

IMG_5789 IMG_5790 IMG_5796 IMG_5803 IMG_5810

We then had family and a few friends eat lunch at the Orangerie at Ball Manor. Uncle Jon had prepared his pulled pork and we had rolls and salads and cake. A wonderful celebration of Alex’s honorable mission.

He got a job 6 days after returning home at Peterson Toyota moving cars and was very glad to have something to keep him busy. He’s hoping to attend BYU-I in Rexburg, if they have room for him, in April 2016.

As Alex continues to remain faithful, remembering all that he learned on his mission and continues to build on his testimony, I know he will live a fruitful, happy life. I am so grateful for his example of faith and courage and love. I love you Alex!



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Week 99: The Last Email, February 6, 2016

Well, family and friends my mission ends on Monday. I begin my long day of travel at 6:30pm Monday and arrive in Salt Lake Tuesday at 4pm. I have loved my time here in Peru. I have come to love these amazing people and their traditions. I have come to know my Savior Jesus Christ in ways that i never had imagined. I know He lives, i know He is real and i know He loves us. He worked, does work and will keep working so hard to help us all come back to Him and His Father. I know that i came here to help people get to know and come close to Him and His light, love and gospel. I know that everyone one of us is a child, a blessed and loved child of God. I know that we can all make it back to Him and His presence, if it just be our goal to let Him guide lead and protect us.

I thank you all for your support and love towards me but even more important towards my family. You have all helped in many ways. It will be good to see most of you, but i will also be sad to leave this country and these people. I hope to make it back someday to see them all.
Please ocntinue to read the Book of Mormon and to pray each day. These things will protect and bless you all. It will enlighten your minds and lift your spirits. When i see you again we can talk about all of this that has happened in these two years. But i would like that you all know and remember the testimony that i have given week after week.
Thanks again, let me know if i can help in anything.
Elder Gibson
p.s. Please write and give just the same, or even better and more, support to the other Elder Gibson who is preparing himself a to leave and serve just as i did. Let him know that you are there for him, and strengthen him in his faith and work. Thanks.
p.s.s. there arent any photos again, not sure what has happened, but it just wont let me..
From the mission blog:
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Week 98: Another Great Week, February 1, 2016

Hey guys, i hate to say it again, but wont be able to send photos this week either.

To begin i would like to say Happy Birthday to Justin, Elder Gibson. Today he turns 19 and he is currently int he Provo MTC being preparedto be a grand missionary.
This week has been pretty good. We got back from Casma onTusday and we got to work on a few things in the office on Wednesday. We have a lot coming up in the mission so we did a lot of planning with President Rios. Plus, we were able to do some proselyting and we had a lot of fun as we got to know a new family and help them start to learn about the Restored Gospel. We also got to spend some tiem with President working on the transfers, because they are coming up on Sunday. That was a great experience as always.
Then on Friday president asked us to travel again, haha. So on Saturday we rode a bus for 8 hours as we climbed into the andes mountains. It was an ok ride, Then we have been here, in Huaraz, since and tomorrow night we travel all ngiht back to Trujillo. Its been awesome to be with missionaries like this for my last few weeks. It has taught me alot, and has helped me stay really focussed on helping them and other sons and daughters of God. I have loved it.
Im entering my last week herein Peru and on the mission. Its super bitter sweet, but i am having a great time in my last few days here and i am loving the mission still. I am very greatful for these opportunities and i love the Lord and this gospel.
I hope you all have a great week! I know i will and i guess well see some of you in 8 days. Keep reading the Book of Mormon! Keep praying! Search for the Lord in all that you do and He will bless you!
Elder Gibson
sorry again for no photos..
From the mission blog:
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Week 97: Great Week, January 25, 2016

It was a great week. Before i start i have to warn that i am in a pretty lame internet cafe, as in the keyboard is not very good and i cant send fotos…

This week we have been out of the office pretty much the whole time! Its awesome! Monday night we weent down to chimbote and on tuesday we wee with one of the zones in their monthly zone training, it was really fun. they are all gret missionaries. Wednesday there was an amazing world wide missionary transmission that we watched in Chimbote, talking about teaching repentance and baptizing converts, it was excellent. Ater wards we went to another chimbote one and spent the aaafternoon visiting with the elders. opn Thusdy we joined the third chimote zone for their zone training and we loved it they did an excellent job! That evening we returned to tujillo. Friday we spent in the office and saturday morning. Saturday evening we made our way to the southern most zone, Casma! the trip went well. Since then we hae een in casma and we going to be here until tomorrow evening. i love it here it is one of my favorite cities in the mission, adn the missionaries here are extraordinary. i love em and we have had such a blast beng with them these few days.
I dont have much more to say, sory guys. its really ahrd to get nythinf written with this computer. i love you all, keep reading the book of mormon and praying! hae a great wek!
Ede Gibson
no photos this wee becuse of the compu. .. mayye next week!
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Week 96: Semana 3, January 16, 2016

Una buena semana. Hicimos mucho y disfruté bastante estar en el Templo de Trujillo.

We had a pretty good week this week. On Monday and Tuesday we were preparing for what we did on Wednesday. We had a meeting for all of the District Leaders, all of the Zone Leaders and all of the Sister Training Leaders. It was awesome. We were really stressing out over the planning and preparing of the part of the training that was going to be ours. Reading a lot of scriptures, and parts in Preach My Gospel, etc. Wednesday came, and as usual we had a stressfull hour setting it up as things were forgotten in the mission office, or things stopped working in the chappel, etc. But we were eventually able to start and it went really well. The mission leaders were engaged in the conversation and we were edified. The biggest downside was that Elder Weber and i were not able to share our part that we had prepared. The time caught up to us. We had to eat at 1:30 because the temple had reserved a session for us at 4pm. So, we cut out our part, sadly, and then we had a great pizza lunch and then headed to the temple. It was such a joy to be in the temple. I love the house of the Lord and learn so much as i go there. It was a strength for us all.
On Thursday i was able to spend all afternoon out of the office! It was great. I was able to spend the afternoon and morning Friday with a companionship of zone leaders in a zone here in Trujillo. I loved it! I loved being in the streets again and being able to be with the people, keep speaking spanish and helping them get to know the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved it! I was also able to enjoy myself being with the zone leaders. One of them, Elder Diaz actually came with me from the MTC in Lima to Trujillo, and while we were in Lima we went proselyting once and got to spend  a few hours together. To be able to do the same almost two years later was awesome. We both have grown a lot, and i loved being in his area getting to know the people there. It was awesome.
Anyway, thats pretty much all that happened. The missionary department has advised mission presidents of a few changes, well not changes, just old habbits that they want to correct, so here in the mission a few things are going to change. But, were excited for them and they should help us and the work continue to progress.
I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for everything! Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
here are a photos from a few months ago, i didnt take any this week, sorry..

From the mission blog:


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Week 95: esta semana se fue volando, January 9, 2016

Its true! This week went really fast.

We have been visiting with the stake presidents to try and aline their keys with president Rios´s keys. It has been great. The stake presidents are really excited to keep working and they each have goals and vision for their stake to continue to grow. We are excited to work with them this year to help them achieve these goals. On Wednesday we went down to Chimbote to meet with the stake down there, we were only able to meet with 2 of the three, but the meetings went really well. The zone leaders and sister training leaders are also excitd to continue to work and help the stake with their goals. We really do have wonderful missionaries in the mission. They work hard and are excied, which hleps me work hard and be excited. THursday we were with a zone, La zona Chimbote Buenos Aires, and we were able to help them with their weekly planning, it was a great meeting. Then on our way to Casma, we stopped at a beach called Tortugas. On eof President´s favorite restuarants is there, and so we had the rare opportunity of eathing lunch with president in a restuarant on the beach. The food was super tasty. Here they call it Chicharrón de Pescado. Its fried fish bites, and with a lot of lime juice, it is super tasty. Then we made it to Casma. Casma is a mission distritc, so President Rios has the keys over the district, so the meeting was a little different, because he can kind of lead it, so we made some great plans and goals with the district president and zone leaders there, i loved it. I love going to Casma because its the zone i started in and i have many memories in that chappel. Afterwards we got back in the car to get to Virú, three hours away. I slept a lot of the way, it was awesome. Then we got to Virú a little early, but just in time for the district president to arrive. He was pretty nervous. He is a real humble man, and sometimes that causes him to be really nervous aroud president rios, but we also were able to make some great plans and goals with him, the zone leaders, and the senior couple we have in the mission. It was awesome. Then as we were leaving i got to stop and say hello to Victor and Rosa, a couple we helped get married and baptized last year when i was in Virú. It was so awesome to see them and how they are doing. They are atending regularily and the elders still visit them to help them. Also, their two oldest daughters have started to come to church as well. What a joy it was to see them and how they are doing! Then we made it back by bed time. Friday was a good day here in the office, getting things ready for the meeting we have on Wednesday. well be meeting with all of the zone, district, and sister leaders, to start the year off right. Im excited, but there are a lot of preparations to be made still.
Anyway. I am loving the work. Wonderful things continue to happen. For example, today we had planned not to be in the office in the morning, as it is our Preparation Day, but for one reason or another, we had to be here, when a young family rang the bell. We let them in and they started to share their desires to get to know the missionaries, and the gospel and come to church! So awesome! I love doing missionary work and seeing the gospel light peoples eyes up and help them feel what theyre looking for. Wonderful.
Have a great week everyone! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! Love you all!
Elder Gibson

IMG_0581 IMG_0579

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Week 94: Año Nuevo, January 2, 2016

Familia! Feliz año! Espero que les haya ido muy bien!

This week was very interesting for us here. But it was awesome.
On Monday we said goodbye to 5 missionaries. One left in the afternoon and the other 4 at about 11 pm in the airport, so that was really fun to be there so late. But no worries. Always a little sad to say goodbye to great missionaries and great friends, but the next day helps me get over it. Tuesday at 8am we were back at the airport! To say hello to 12 new missionaries! It was way cool. They are all great and are excited to be here. We were with them all morning, and all day. The best part, well a couple best parts, is their excitement for the work and their great spirits. Also its really fun to see them meet their new companions for the first time, and see that really President is inspired when he selects the trainers and their companions. It was awesome.
The next few days we really didnt do a whole lot.. We were in the office getting ready for a few trainings and things coming up. We also were able to proselyte. There is a part of the ward we´re in that the missionaries have almost never touched, called Santa Rosa y Villa del Contador. Awesome, and it seems like there are great people waiting for us. So we went on Thursday and surpirsingly people were in their homes, and they were welcoming and warm, so awesome! Then we were able to have an ok dinner, as just about everywhere was closed, and then a good night in my room until the German invasion began… Yeah there were tons and tons of fireworks and i did not sleep very well that night. But, i was able to eat some paneton and say Feliz año to everyone, it was pretty good. Then yesterday we were able to be in the office and continue preparing a few things and were able to leave and visit. But, we didnt have a chance to teach a whole lot, becuase no one was home. But we were able to find a new brother to teahc named Nestor, who is awesome and receptive.
Today we have just been relaxing on our PDay. Its been pretty great.
As a mission we have some great plans for January 2016 and for the year. We are really excited to get working and keep helping the Lord in this, His great work. I know that He has called me, He has helped me, and He loves me. He loves everyone of you as well with all of His heart and He is doing all He can to reach out to you and to help you. Look for Him, find Him and follow Him.
Happy New Year, i trust that it will be a great year for all and the Lord will be with you. Have a great week, i love you all!
Elder Gibson
heres a photo from the christmas season, a little late, please forgive…
Elder Gibson and Elder Fankhauser (he went home on monday)

From the mission blog:


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